Astek 20 Sticks White Sage Smudging Incense Holder - Get Rid Ghost - Remove Negative Energy from Home - Spirits Kit

  • 20 White Sage Sticks Per Order. White Sage DOES SMELL GOOD .
  • 1 Wood Incense Holder. Inlay design may vary.
  • 9" Sticks. .25 OZ.
  • 25 - 30 Minutes Burn Time Per Stick. Non-Stick Smoke.
  • Get Those Ghost Right Out Of Your House!!!

What is smudging? Quite simply, it is the burning of sacred herbs (usually White Sage) to rid a person or an area of negative energy. It is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. At one time, these herbs were crushed into a special bowl and burned, as the smoke surrounded the person or the area needing cleansed. Later, these herbs were bundled together into sticks and became known as "smudge sticks". The concept was the same... letting the herbs burn and cleanse an area of unwanted energy. While many people indigenous to the land now known as the United States have practiced smudging for centuries, it is not a concept unique to those nations alone. As far back as Ancient Babylon, the burning of herbs has been done during the offering of prayer or to ward off evil spirits.

Fun Fact: In a Harris poll last year of 2,000 adults, 41 percent said that they believed in ghosts. Although the National Association of Realtors says that it is not the legal obligation of a real estate agent to tell a prospective buyer about alleged haunting, many agents, like Diane Long a long time Realty Agent feels that if they hear of something that may distress a buyer, they have the duty to pass it on.

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